OK PreWorlds & Worlds in Australia

With many of the southern hemisphere sailors that came to the 2023 OK Dinghy Worlds in Lyme Regis buying Ceilidh masts for the event last year, these masts have all been shipped back to Australia and are sharing the spoils together with masts from our colleagues at C-Tech at the Pre-Worlds 2024 that has just completed in Brisbane. Congratulations to Dave Clark who won the Pre-Worlds.

As always our thanks to Robert Deaves for the great reports and photos. Please link here to his article on the event.

E-mail server issues

Unfortunately we have had a lot of problems recently with our email provider. It appears that we have not been able to send over 50% of our recent e-mails. We have just change servers and hope to have solved all the issues.

If you are waiting on a reply from us, please resend the mail so that we can be sure to receive it in our new system.

This is valid for all e-mails from 15-08-2023 through to 31-08-2023

We thank you for your assistance, and again offer our apologies.

Price increases

It is with regret that we have to modify our prices due to the effects of price increases from our suppliers. Due to various factors we are faced with significant increases in our transport prices and uncertainty in raw material price and availability.

As a result of this we are increasing our basic transport charge for all masts to cover the length surcharge we pay to our transport partners. Also as our material prices are increasing in the order of 10 to 15% from 1st July 2022 we shall be increasing our prices by 5% across the range. This is relevant to all orders placed after 27-06-2022.

We hope that this price increase will be the last of this year and appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Corona Virus

While Europe is creaking under the pressure of the Corona Virus outbreak Ceilidh Composite Technologies, like all companies, has taken certain measures to ensure the well being of their staff and customers. The current protocol includes a partial shut-down where we accept customer visits by appointment only. We take every precaution with the health of our staff, and advise them not to come to work if they are showing any symptoms of flu (common cold) or the virus.

Unfortunately this does result in delays with manufacturing and finishing, but we will do our best to meet preferred delivery dates, subject to availability of materials and parts from our suppliers.

The factory is full of work at the moment and our order books remain healthy for this time of the year as can be seen from the amount of masts in finishing!

Merlin Rocket Mast

Andy Davis, Merlin Rocket 3684

The past months, Ceilidh has been developing a new mast for the Merlin Rocket class. This class has an ‘open’ rule for various parts, so that new designs have the room to develop without tight restrictions.

The prototype mast is designed and manufactured in a similar fashion to all our dinghy masts, with an integrated sail track and aerodynamic ‘teardrop’ profile. This enables us to have more control over the fore-aft bending of the mast without influencing the sideways bend.

Working closely with sailors in the class it was clear that the best masts were made from High Modulus carbon with an outer diameter tube of 45mm and a bare weight of 4,6 to 4,8kg.

By using the teardrop section it is possible to increase the lateral stiffness due to surface area while reducing the outer diameter of the mast, thus making the mast more streamlined with less windage. The section has a width of 40mm, 10% smaller than all other masts, while still coming in a a meagre 4,52kg bare weight – Lighter and thinner!

The stiffness is in the same ballpark as other designs but there is still room for increasing the stiffness if required. First the mast will be tested to see if our concept generates the expected performance.

The sections will be most suited to a range of classes and a profile has also been commissioned to use as a gaff spar on a classic racer.

The initial batch of masts will retail at €3200,00 including VAT ex. works in The Netherlands. Shipment to the UK is about €150,00 €240,00 (post Brexit) including VAT and customs handling. For further information please contact our offices or get in touch with Andy Davis at HD Sails who has assisted us with the details and specs of the mast.