Ceilidh Composite Technologies can offer a full range of navigation electronics and advice on suitable installations. Where required Ceilidh also has a range of brackets and fittings to compliment the installation. All work are carried out by our own experienced technicians.

Ceilidh Composite Technologies has for many years installed and serviced Nexus Marine electronics packages on a wide range of boats. Installations have included a complete NXR system for a boat taking part in the Fastnet Race 2011 and multiple NX2 installations in combination with JEFA autopilots.

The Ceilidh Display holders heralded an important change in the installation and protection of expensive electronic displays. Previously the instruments were mounted on simple single layer plating, with no protection for the cables and plugs on the rear of the units. With a design that encases the complete display including cabling, this product offers the optimium protection for the fragile connectors on the mast displays.

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