Contender mast

As a natural development of products which utilize the 70mm x 50mm teardrop mould which Ceilidh designed for the Flying Dutchman class, the Contender dinghy seemed to be an ideal candidate for the achievable mechanical properties of this design.

Having been approached by Cicada Sails to develop a laminate schedule for the new Ceilidh Contender mast data from many of the top sailors in Europe was collated into a bend database which allows the comparison of the stiffness index both fore-aft and sideways. The different measurement systems can be combined in such a way to give a simple stiffness index which functions then as the reference for the design variations that Ceilidh can create. Please follow this link to our bend testing methods.

The prototype of the mast is finished in a similar fashion to our other stayed dinghy masts. Custom carbon detailing combined with standard fittings from Allen Brothers and Camcleats makes the finished product stand out. The foot is CNC machined from hard plastic (Delrin) and incorporates an innovative setup for the vang attachment. First testing will provide further information to finish the final development of this performance mast.

The masts are available to order in our webshop, along with spare parts as they become available. Rigging is offered separately as it will be custom made for each order. Each fully fitted mast will be supplied complete with measurement and a comprehensive bend datasheet. Please click here for a direct link to our webshop