CNC capacity

CNC capacity

Ceilidh Composite Technologies is currently installing a new CNC bed to expand the plug and mould making capacities. The new machine which will be used to mill smaller moulds, parts and carbon plates has working dimensions of 1600mm x 800mm x 120mm. Together with the recently implemented 3D CAD drawing capabilities it will be possible to visualise new products and make mockups during product development. While this CNC bed is relatively small the plan is to test the suitability within the factory workflow before considering upgrading to a larger installation.

Vuelta time trial

Roglič using the handlebars

Together with team Jumbo-Visma and Pontis Engineering Ceilidh Composite Technologies has produced a special handle bar for their time trial bikes.

The new handlebars bring a 25% decrease in weight and increased aerodynamic performance. This setup was used by Primož Roglič with great succes, winning the 2019 La Vuelta time trial.

With 3D printed plugs (mother forms) Ceilidh utilized their short run mould concept to manufacture the parts. With 2 iterations of the design to increase strength and ‘countability’ the extensions incorporate thin stainless steel plates in way of bolts for fixation, and are hollow to enable placement of gear cables .

For an article and short clip by team Jumbo-Visma, check here

Racegeek Mast displays (updated 2023)

Racegeek Mast displays (updated 2023)

Racegeek products are no longer being made or sold. We will provide service for any holders we have built in the past conform our terms and conditions.

UPDATE – Our new Racegeek D10 carbon holder version 2 is in production at the moment. 5th April we will be able to show the first photos of the product and shortly thereafter we will add the holder to our online store.

For now a rendering of our concept to suit a double display for a J-109.

RaceGeek twin display holder

The superb Racegeek D10 mast instrument is now available through Ceilidh Composite Technologies B.V. With its clear backlit display and intuitive user interface the Racegeek D10 guides you round the racecourse. Featuring built in GPS, compass and simple integration with existing NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 systems it provides a great solution for boat data at the mast. 

The system can be used as a repeater, showing data which is available throughout the NMEA setup on your boat, but it is far more than that. The D10 offers full GPS integration with distance to startline, while switching directly through to the data you need after the start. With WIFI connection to the iPhone/Android app the D10 can store routes and waypoints to guide you around the buoys. For those racing on Windward/Leeward courses the systems ‘sees’ the windward mark and remembers it location for you (without having to push any buttons!).

Ceilidh has a system available for demonstration purposes and will naturally be offering a suitable carbon fibre mast bracket solution for the D10. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fender holders

IMG_6684Ceilidh has developed and manufactures ‘fender holders’ for the SuperYacht market. The carbon fibre product is perfectly complemented with a soft sheeps wool skin on the inside to protect all painted surfaces. Each product is manufactured to fit the specific railing shape of the vessel and to ensure that no damage to the paintwork can occur.

The perfectly finished stainless steel fittings are designed and manufactured by our partner in this project TecWire of Goes in the south of the Netherlands. If you wish any further information please contact us via this form.