Europe masts

Manufactured from a combination of medium and high-modulus carbon fibres, the location of each layer of material combines to give the mast its unique bending curve. A complete record of each mast is maintained by Ceilidh Composite Technologies as is a copy of the official measurement document. Each mast is supplied complete ready to race with a dyneema D12 vang rope, stainless steel top halyard with dyneema hoist line and a class measurement certificate. Each mast is custom built to the requirements of the sailor and sailmaker enabling a perfect combination. As a result of a consistent manufacturing process it is also simple to replicate a previously built mast to within the tolerances that are necessary for a good combination with the sail.

In the Europe class each sailmaker has their own idea of the perfect sailshape, Ceilidh manufactures masts to suit these specifications. So… every mast is custom, and every mast is standard, there is no difference.

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