Soling Mast

The new Ceilidh Composite Technologies carbon fibre Soling mast is the result of a close cooperation with the Dutch Soling fleet. The carbon profile has the same dimensions as the original aluminium masts together with a similar bending characteristic.

The joint venture has succeeded in providing a suitable alternative for the older (and sometimes damaged) aluminium masts at a reasonable price. Performance has not been changed in a effort to protect the class from overly expensive ultra lightweight profiles.

With super detailing and improved design of all the fittings, this mast performs as it should, with no compromise.

The Standard mast is supplied as shown in the photos and is ready to race. For further details and specifications please refer to the following files.

Mast datasheet

Fitting list Standard mast

Soling Boom Datasheet

Previous information:

Carbon Fibre Soling Mast proposal.

Design reasoning.

Due to the lack of availability of aluminium mast profiles with a suitable bending characteristic Ceilidh Composite Technologies wishes to propose a new carbon fibre section suitable for the Soling Class. With a one time cost for manufacture of a mould and manufacturer determined stiffness requirement it is possible to manufacture uniform sections at a reasonable price as required.

To manufacture a section which has equivalent bending characteristics to the existing aluminium profile.

To use a combination of carbon fibre (T-700 standard modulus) and glass fibre to produce an equivalent section with similar wall thickness.

To specifically avoid use of exotic materials.

Not to optimize the laminate which would reduce the weight of the section by to much.

Quality Control

Manufacturer to use a specified laminate schedule with as constant a wall thickness as possible.

Integrated carbon/glass fibre sailtrack with suitable wall thickness.

Reinforcements to suit fittings (confirm fittings of existing masts).

Defined minimum manufacturing weight.

Defined Centre Of Gravity location.

Finishing and fittings

Standard fittings (Harken/Ronstan) readily available.


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Mast rigged on NED 49
Lateral view of the mast
Mast top
Spinnaker pole eye with Dyneema halyards attached
Spreader end
Mast foot
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