Spierings Mobile Cranes

To increase the arm length of their Mobile crane systems by 4 metres Spierings Mobile Cranes turned to the sail sport to see if carbon profiles could help solve the problem. With the use of carbon tubes moulded to suit the requirements, the telescopic section of the crane arm can be extended out before the carbon profiles are rotated into place by the arm’s locking mechanism.

The result is a profile that has the same dimensions as the other arm sections, allowing the hoisting cars to travel uninterrupted along the entire arm. The carbon profiles are designed to withstand a maximum load of 1700 kg.

Manufactured from a companion of high grade carbon unidirectional and glass biaxials to match the torsion requirements during deployment, the parts are coated in silicium carbide resin during production to improve lifespan and durability.

Spierings crane parts