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The PRO version of the Ceilidh OK Dinghy mast is built in a similar fashion to the standard mast, however all carbon Uni-Directionals are from High Modulus Fibre. This gives the mast a quicker response in gusts, allowing a more aggressive method of sailing the boat. We currently have a few of these sailing and will keep posting information regarding the results and the performance.

the mast is available with similar bend curves to the standard mast, ensuring that there is no requirement for redesign or reciting of existing sails.

Custom built mast, according to the required bend specification. The Ceilidh mast is manufactured from high grade carbon fibre pre-preys with an integrated carbon sail track. These masts are manufactured in a single step process to ensure a high mechanical strength. The masts are built according to OKDIA class rules without the use of Ultra-High-Modulus carbon. Please contact us with your specific bend requirements. Our masts are measured according to this method (link to bend curve measurement)

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