Ceilidh Composite Technologies has been producing carbon poles since its start in 1996. Poles are manufactured using a single seam pressure cure mould system. Ceilidh poles are manufactured from temperature cured materials, with intermediate and high modulus carbon fibres. We only use toughened epoxy resins in our poles.

Comparison table, for a quick overview of the various pole manufacturing systems, please click here.

The standard poles in our range, 50mm diameter up to 100mm diameter are straight tubes. End fittings are chosen after discussion with the customer. Tapers are available for the 100mm poles but are not normally advised.

The 120mm diameter and larger poles are available with single and double tapers.

Surface finish is smooth single seamed from the mould.

Internal trip poles are supplied with one trip-line as standard.

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  • Kevlar patches available in all poles, normally used for protection against chafing of the pole against forestay and baby-stays
  • Retractable bridle available on all poles with dip-jibe system
  • Second trip line for short-handed sailing
  • U-V protection paint work. A polyester based ultra violet protection paint, available in most colours.
  • Ordering

    When ordering please let us know the J-length. This is determined as being the straight line distance from the forestay terminal on the foredeck to the front of the mast at deck level. This length is also available from your sailplan. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Boats and pole sizes supplied.

    Here is a list of some of the boats sailing with a Ceilidh carbon pole, with diameters and end fittings

    Boat type Pole diameter inboard end Outboard end
    J-44 100 mm Harken Forespar Off
    Dehler 41 CR  80 mm  Harken Forespar Ult
    Dehler 36 db 80 mm Forespar Ult Forespar Ult
    Dehler 33 68 mm Forespar Ult Forespar Ult
    Dehler 29 63 mm Forespar Ult Forespar Ult
    Beneteau 40.7 80 mm Harken Forespar Ult
    Grand Soleil 43 100 mm Harken Selden
    Grand Soleil 46 100 mm Harken Selden
    Farr Pilot 50 125 mm Harken Harken
    X-Yachts 442 100 mm Harken Forespar Off
    X-Yachts 362s 80 mm Harken Forespar Ult
    ILC 30 (J/V) 63 mm Forespar Forespar
    Our current range includes poles for boats from Yngling (O.D. 38mm) up to O.D. 125mm
    Sizes and production systems are continually being updated
    For further pricing information click here
    63mm pole for ILC 30
    spinnaker pole ends
    Diameter 80mm, Forespar Ultra end fitting,leather sleeve for forestay protection
    forespar.jpg (132655 bytes)

    OD 100mm Ceilidh Pole. Forespar Offshore fitting.

    Customer. X-Yachts Holland.

    Ceilidh Gennaker Poles are available as continuous tapered tubes, or straight tubes. In both cases the laminate is tapered inside the pole to ensure optimum strength to weight ratios are achieved where necessary, while retaining the clean and smooth outer surface.

    Custom fittings made from Delrin and Nylon-6 are available for gennaker poles. We can also supply glass-carbon sleeves and launch/retrieve systems.

    Due to the nature of gennaker pole design we are not able to provide a standard price list for these products.Please contact us for a quote

    Gennaker poles have been supplied to the following boats

    • Trintella 52C
    • Trimax 1050 Trimaran
    • Trimax 1500 Trimaran
    • Dehler 41 CR
    • Isis 21
    • Max Fun 25
    • Beneteau 25
      ...and many others.
    Bowsprit Beneteau Figaro
    Carbon gennaker pole Carbon gennaker pole with glass-carbon sleeve manufactured for a Trintella 52C. 1998 Designer, Peltzer & van Dijk

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    How to find us

    Construction system Advantages Disadvantages
     Filament winding

    Internal mould, inner surface smooth

    accurate fibre orientation, normally computer controlled

     No fibres at 0°, therefore either heavier or weaker

    Outer surface must be sanded and finished

    Tapered laminates can be seen in outer surface

    More expensive if tapers in both ends are required


    Smooth inner and outer surface, accurate wall thicknesses

    0° fibres are accurately laid in

    cost, commercial grade pultrusions are cheaper due to volume production

    Difficult to lay 90° fibres, reduced end strength

    Higher resin content, excess is pressed out during pultrusion

    No tapers

    Negative moulding double seam

    Normally manufactured in pre-impregnated materials

    Smooth outer surface

    Tapers optional

    90° reinforcements in ends non-visible

    double seam visible unless painted

    un-even wall thickness due to overlapping of fibres

     Negative mould single seam

     Pre-impregnated fibres, giving optimum resin content

    smooth outer surface

    short tapers available

    Long tapered tubes with low mould costs

    90° reinforcements in ends non-visible

    single seam visible

    slight imperfections possible in wall thickness due to production faults

    This table represents some of the possible construction systems for spinnaker poles.

    The comparison indicate the choices faced by Ceilidh during startup of production resulting in our preference for the single seam negative mould system.

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    Ceilidh Composite Technologies B.V.
    Stationsplein 3
    3224 AT Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands
    tel. +31 181 324 558 fax. +31 181 324 778
    e-mail, ceilidh composite technologies