Spinnaker Poles

Ceilidh Composite Technologies spinnaker poles are manufactured on site to suit the requirements of each boat and design. Every pole is laminated by hand with our range of pre-impregnated materials and features local reinforcements as required for added strength andRead more

Dinghy masts

Ceilidh Composite Technologies B.V. has always specialized in dinghy masts. The superior bend characteristics of free standing masts for the Finn and Europe dinghies are achieved with meticulous hand layup processes using the most advanced pre-impregnated materials. All masts are built in female moulds to ensure consistency and conformity to specific class regulations. The bend data of each mast is linked to a design database to ensure that masts can be replicated in the unfortunate case of damage. The fittings are sourced from international manufacturers together with in-house carbon parts.

Keelboat masts

The Ceilidh masts sections are manufactured in negative moulds which ensures smooth outer surfaces to ease finishing. Each mast is individually manfactured according to a stringent specification with a varying wall thickness to allow reinforcements and stiffeners as required. ARead more